We are a US publicly listed company on the OTC Market.
 Our primary business focus centres around the precious metals, mining and production industries. Our core objective is in identifying value-add investment opportunity for institutional grade investment.

Chun Can Capital Group

Chun Can Capital considers investment into local and global precious metal mining and production enterprises within an extremely wide array of complimentary sectors, geographies and demographics requiring the infusion of strategic commercial solutions. Our input is designed to free up business constraints brought about by either under-investment, lacking resources or simply limitations of incumbent management needing vital support and guidance. 

We identify key constraints, which may significantly undermine commercial potential to frustrate the synergy, passions and aspirations of the business originators. We model a catalyst of change in an effort to seamless refocus on achieving a primary mission  of common adjectives underpinned by solid commercial business principals and commercial concepts.

Often solutions are provided through, but not limited to, re-structure of the original business by means of re-positioning restrictive commercial restraints and implementing strategies designed to broaden or narrow the scope and scale of the enterprise. This allows us to focus on realistic commercially deliverable scenarios, increasing the propensity for sustainable phased expansion. Repositioning approaches more often lead to a maximisation of both the primary business and if present any additional latent potentials of commercial exploitation - as an example high-end technical sorting processes for grading, reprocessing and converting tailings into additional income streams, whilst simultaneously keeping environmentally positive.

Naturally, not all opportunities fit our investment model. We look for scale, solid, committed partnerships and talented management a pre-requisite - only then do we evaluate the strengths and validity of the business model for investment and support.

We consider investments in a wide variety of sustainable sectors and industries within the precious and commercial mining industries - Globally.

Chun Can Capital Collaborates with Professional and High Net Worth Individuals and Corporate Partners - Globally.

We Provide a Variety of Commercial Joint Ventures and Equity Partnership Investment Opportunities.

Our Investing Relationship, Equity Partnerships and Business Funders are strictly selected on an 'Invitation Only' basis and pre-qualified as Professional level Investing Participants.

Chun Can Capital is listed on the US OTC Market - ticker symbol - CNCN

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